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Terms & Conditions

Just a few basic, common-sense rules for your use of this site and any contributions you make:

  • No harassment, bullying, personal attacks or insults. If you can't be nice then don't be here;

  • No politics or religion. Not the place for that.

  • Keep it family friendly. If you can't express yourself here without profanity then don't express yourself here at all;

  • Please stay on-topic. Pretty please.

The admin reserves the right to remove both inappropriate posts and accounts. 

Privacy Policy

  • I've really no idea what information, if any, Wix gathers as you view and interact with this site, but I don't get to see any of it;

  • The only exception to the above is some basic traffic analytics. None of that is personally identifiable, so if you're visitor number 11 today, thank you for breaking the daily site visitors record;

  • I wouldn't know how to abuse any personal information Wix might ask you to provide, even if I wanted to;

  • I don't even know if Wix sets cookies, but again, if it does, it's not something I have any control over or knowledge how to abuse.

In other words, I don't believe there are any privacy issues to be concerned about in your use of this site, but if the astonishing levels of ignorance on this subject demonstrated by the above statements are a concern, or if you have any doubts about your privacy in your use of this site, it's probably best that you don't use this site.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Unless otherwise stated, all images on this site are my own and subject to copyright. Can't imagine anyone would want to use them elsewhere, but please don't without my permission. If your use is commercial, I will want a cut; the fridge does not stock itself with beer, y'know.

Thank you

Mark, aka Shadowed Eyes

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