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Gloucester Civic Trust

The Gloucester Civic Trust is an independent charity run by volunteers, established 1972 to actively encourage the appreciation and conservation of the city's heritage. The Trust also engages with the planning process to ensure that regeneration programs respect and complement Gloucester's rich heritage. Successes to date include the restoration of Ladybellegate House in Bearland, the rescue of the Old Crown and Dick Whittington's pubs on lower Westgate Street, and significant input into the Docks regeneration resulting in arresting the demolition of historic warehouses there. The Trust is based in the grade II* 15th-century St. Michael's Tower on The Cross and currently in the final stages of assuming operational control of the iconic, grade II* 15th and 17th-century timber-framed properties on lower Westgate Street that together are the Folk of Gloucester.

Gloucester History Festival

The Gloucester History Festival is an annual event celebrating local, national and international history. Held every September, the festival incorporates Gloucester Day, when the city remembers the lifting of the siege of Gloucester on 5 September 1643 during the English Civil War, and Heritage Open Days, when many of the city's historic buildings, such as the Folk of Gloucester, the Church of St. Nicholas and Bearland House, are opened to the public. The festival features workshops, performances, tours, parades, re-enactments and digital content designed to bring history to life.

Cathedral Quarter Project

The Cathedral Quarter Project is funded with a £1.9m grant from the Historic England High Street Heritage Action Zone, matched with an additional, locally funded £1.9 million. The project, run by Gloucester City Council and local partners, will invest in an area either side of Westgate Street from The Cross down to Lower Quay Street, the location of sixty-three listed sites. The investment will be used to restore historic buildings and bring empty spaces back into use. The project will also make open spaces more attractive and encourage their use for community activities and events.

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